About Me

Gaduate - Camera Obscura School of Art in Tel Aviv - film and TV direction. Robert Mckee - Script Masterclasses. Jordan Valley College-Photography Course.
Ruth Deiches-Acting class.
Grants: The America-Israel Cultural Foundation,the Ministry of Trade and Industry.
Awards: Gold Medal at the Chicago Film Festival for Short Film Late Autumn
First prize - drama script -Listen to Mom-Albin Drama Scripts Contest

Selected Works:

Late Autumn- Short Drama - Gold Medal at the Chicago Film Festival.
Bar Mitzvah Journey - Drama
Jerusalem In Flames - Massada Visitors` center
The Golden Way-pkeiin v.s.
Sitting on the fence- Tel Hai v.s.
House of glass - Nir Galim v.s.
Policeman on a white horse-Hanotrim v.s.
Women's House - Petach Tikva v.s.
Not In black – Short comedy


War On Cancer - documentary series
Exposure -research series
Hamusaff - cultural documentary series

Beit Shemesh Residential Center.
Lod Urban Music Center. 
Coca Cola v.s.- 3D animation film
Corporate films :
isrotel, IsraelCustoms, Orbotech, Amdocs, Comvers, Carmel Tunnels & more
Domino`s , Segal Fashion, Avent, Cinemall, Sharp, Cristal & more  

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